ASPForums.Net RSS Feed additions to the content that appears on ASPForums.Net(c) 2019 All rights reserved.Difference between Internal and Protected Internal in C# .Net<p>Hey chetan,<br /><br />Please refer below explaination and link.<br /><br /><strong>Internal :</strong></p> <p>Internal Member of a class is available or access within the assembly either creating object or in a derived class or you can say it is accessible across all the classes within the assembly.</p> <p><a href=""></a></p> <p><strong>Protected Internal :</strong></p> <p>A protected internal member of a base class is accessible from any type within its containing assembly. It is also accessible in a derived class located in another assembly only if the access occurs through a variable of the derived class type.</p> <p><a href=""></a></p>, 09 Jan 2019 22:56:04 GMT