StateErrorCS1061 -(are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference)

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Dear All, i get the error for the following error and mention SeverityCodeDescriptionProjectFileLineSuppression StateErrorCS1061 'TransactionLogSummary' does not contain a definition for 'DBName' and no extension method 'DBName' accepting a first argument of type 'TransactionLogSummary' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)BulkServicesReports.UI.WebC:\Users\et.cheah\Documents\Macrokiosk Products\ClientReporting\1.Development\3.0\ClientReporting UI\BulkServicesReports\Presentation\BulkServicesReports.UI.Web\SMSPremiumDNLogDetail.aspx.cs132Active here is the backend code

 if (sessionHandler.InternalUser == true || sessionHandler.TransactionLogSummary.CountryID == 18)
                        ReportParameter param11 = new ReportParameter("DBName", sessionHandler.TransactionLogSummary.DBName);
                        ReportParameter param13 = new ReportParameter("TelcoTableName", sessionHandler.TransactionLogSummary.TelcoTableName);
                        ReportParameter param18 = new ReportParameter("PushLogTableName", sessionHandler.TransactionLogSummary.PushLogTableName);
                        ReportParameter param19 = new ReportParameter("RequestLogTableName", sessionHandler.TransactionLogSummary.RequestLogTableName);


May I know how to solve this error.

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Hi etcheah,

Perhaps you don't have the latest DLL deployed from the bin folder. Check the versions between your machine and the server to verify that they are the same.

I agree, here is the link: