Error: The best overloaded method match for string.ToString has some invalid arguments using C# in ASP.Net

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Dear programer,

I have a column named for Deposit_date and isert date from form side is as 01/01/2001


But i want to chnage this date as 01-Jan-2001

here is my code that is not working - 

SELECT * FROM Tabel replace(CONVERT(VARCHAR(15), Deposit_date, 106) AS [DD-MMM-YYYY])


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Posted 9 months ago

Hi AnkitPal,

Can you please explain in more detail exactly what you are trying to achieve?

Posted 9 months ago

i have a column that name is RecordDate and datatype is DATE

when i am insert my record through webform than date is inserted in RecordDate column as below- 








But I want to do that when i will be insert date through webform than date is insert as belwo form







Posted 9 months ago

Hi AnkitPal,

if your column RecordDate is having the datatype of DATE then you cant store the date with mentioned format "1-Jan-2001" as it is not supported by the SQL so you can do one thing change the column datatype to VARCHAR and while saving the date convert it into "YourValue".ToString("dd-MMM-yyyy") which will save the date in the "1-Jan-2001" format.

Posted 9 months ago

see below error -date error

Posted 9 months ago

Hi AnkitPal,

can you let me know the value of txtmaturitydate.Text.

I agree, here is the link: