Bootstrap Responsive Vertical ASP.Net Menu with sitemap

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Hi. I'm newbie for ASP.Net. May I know what are the code for Bootstrap Responsive Vertical ASP.Net Menu with sitemap and it doesn't affect my main content.

I want do a vertical menu like this:

I lost in the asp repeater part, it generate this error message when
I compile it.
<CS1061: 'ASP.site_master' does not contain a definition for
'rptMenu_OnItemBound' and no extension method 'rptMenu_OnItemBound'
accepting a first argument of type 'ASP.site_master' could be found
(are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)>

My Microsoft Visual Studio is 2010.

I want create a vertical menu that doesn't know affect my main
content. If I use the code inside here:
My main content is has been cover. If I set padding or margin, it
doesn't responsive to any size bigger than 767px.

Besides that, my menu is multi-level menu, at least have third level menu.

I really appreciate with your help. Thank you.

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Hi Viryz,

Please share your code with HTML.


I agree, here is the link: