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Hi! I have ms word file with question and answers. But all question and answers has mistakes.
I want correct this question and answers using c# Windows Application.
For example: Input text

@1The capital of India.

A) Dushanbe; $B) Moscow C) Delhi; $D) Kabul

@2.The capital of Tajikistan

A) Dushanbe $B) Moscow; $C) Delhi; $D) Kabul;
3.The capital of Tajikistan.

A) Dushanbe B) Moscow C) Delhi D) Kabul

Output text after correct:

@1.The capital of India.

$A) Dushanbe; $B) Moscow; $C) Delhi; $D) Kabul;

@2.The capital of Tajikistan.

$A) Dushanbe; $B) Moscow; $C) Delhi; $D) Kabul;
@3.The capital of Afganistan.

$A) Dushanbe; $B) Moscow; $C) Delhi; $D) Kabul;
How I can solve this problem?

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After trying as per your details it is very difficult to identify the question and the answer and there is no unique ness in the question and answer to format it.

I agree, here is the link: http://e-iceblue.com/free-api