Display AJAX UpdateProgress with UpdatePanel PostBackTrigger in Master Page in ASP.Net

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 30 May 2015   
the above article works in a 1 web form test project.

But not when integrated into a Master Page based solution.
Is there a different article I should look at ?
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Hi PeteJordan,

I have cross checked the code and the solution doesnt support for IE 8 version and for rest it is working fine please cross check your code properly there might be chances that you are missing something and refer the sample which i provided and modify it according to your requirement.

Whether you are trying to display loader image on a single button click because the loader image will be visible once hte page is postbacked successfully.


I agree, here is the link: https://www.e-iceblue.com/Introduce/spire-office-for-net-free.html