Browsing shows empty website after hosting visual studio 2012 C# website on IIS7

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Recently I have made a website on VS2012 with C# and after hosting it on IIS7 in Windows 7(32bit); unable to view website while browsing it “localhost refused to connect”.

For this I have applied following processes:

  1. Check IIS->www services->Application Development Features-> Enable ASP.NET, ISAPI Exten and Filters
  2. Publish my website as “File System” publish method successfully.
  3. Cmd prompt  cd  %windir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\V4.0.30319 press enter and then

 asp_netregiis.exe –I –enable

  1. Open IIS Manager as Admin, Right Click on Sites ->Add Website->Enter Site Name, Physical path, IP Address of My PC and change port to 10 (Since My PC connected through LAN)

On Click “Test Settings” I got a warning in Authorization : can not verify access to path(C:\MyWebsite)

On Click “Connect as…” I select Application User (pass through authentication)

  1. In Application Pool of my website Set .NET framework to 4.0
  2. Now I added Default document

I also tried these tricks

  • Giving a host name as and add it on C->Windows->System32->drivers->etc->hosts (open it in notepad) then write & save it.

  • Also tried to  host my website inside inetpub->wwwroot
  • Impersonate in web.config, <identity impersonate="true" /> inside <System.web>
  • Authentication in IIS of my site set Anonymous authentication Enable & Impersonation Enable

Pl help me.

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I agree, here is the link: